Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nikalofou (Tonga)

Our next stop was Tonga (I don't know if I spelt the name properly). It was Tonga's capital. *he ship docked and we walked along the water to the markets. We actually thought the markets were close but they were in town which ended up taking us about 1 hour to walk. The photo below was taken during our walk with the ship in the background. We passed this carving place along the road side. This is a photo of the shop but right next to it was a shelter and the man was carving a huge dolphin as we walked past. There was also a huge Marlin on display. You can see the puddles of water, they had had about 3 hours of heavy rain just before we arrived and the place was flooded! Some of the house had yards under water.

When we finally got to the markets we didn't have time for a good look as we had a tour to get on but we did see a little bit. These are really big vegetables, I forget the name but they belong to the potato family. They were bundled at many stalls.

We got on our tour, the sky was really black and it absolutely poured down the whole way! I was worried but by the time we got to the beach we were headed the sky had cleared and it was lovely. This is a photo of the road we came in on.

We were treated to fresh fruits and coconuts that the man cut for us right there. We actually drank lots of coconut milk and ate lots of fresh coconuts on our trip. Here is Nathan with one.
This is a photo of the beach we were at, the water was lovely and clear, but freezing! I didn't swim, it was too cold for me.

The kids swam and snorkeled and so did Anthony, there wasn't a whole lot so see while snorkeling here though.

Emma found a Hermit crab, another thing we saw lots of on our trip and below she is making him a house.

This was a good day and the local people were very nice and friendly.
Back tomorrow with more of my travels, if I lose people through boredom I am sorry, I just love sharing my holiday photos and stories.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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