Monday, September 28, 2009


Our first stop on the cruise was Noumea, New Caledonia. Ant and I are not big fans of this place at all, it is really french, right down to the dirty streets and expensive wears. Our boat was late due to engine problems so we only had 1/2 a day and that meant all tours we had booked being cancelled. We ended up catching a shuttle bus that the boat put on for us to Lemon Bay beach and Anse Vata Beach but they were terrible, I didn't want my kids on those beaches (which are Noumea's best beaches apparently) so we walked to the aquarium for a visit and then caught the bus back.

Just a street scene

Emma outside the aquarium, being crazy Emma
Emma and I outside the aquarium

The three of us (we actually have 4 in our family but Nathan refused to cooperate)

Anthony being crazy, wonder where Emma gets it from?
A fish Anthony photographed at the aquarium

This is Lemon Bay beach, not much of a beach is it? We had actually booked a transfer to this beach for the morning at a cost of $17 each so I am so glad it was cancelled and I didn't pay for this!

I hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday, we are off to Australia Zoo with Hazel who has never been. I got a pass until the end of the year in August (for the price of a 1 day admission) and I am so glad I did. We went today as well only for a couple of hours and the kids just loved it. I think it will be worth the money by the time the year is up.

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