Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vavau (Tonga)

We had another stop is Tonga during our trip. Toni and I had the kids by ourselves for the morning while the boys did their own thing. We organised a tour to take them on to see some of the island. The first stop on our tour was here.

We were shown by the locals the kava and some weaving and how they cook their traditional food etc and then some school children danced and sang for us to raise money for their schooling. Below are some photos of a couple of the girls. Isn't the little one adorable? She must have only been about 3 or 4.

After that we drove to a resort on the other side of the island but on the way we stopped at a vanilla plantation. The smell here was divine. They grow in rows just like beans, they look like beans too. The photo is of Emma and Nathan among the vanilla plants. It was hard to get photos because the camera lens kept fogging up on me!

At the resort we had refreshments of fresh fruit and coconuts (of course) This is Emma with hers, she didn't drink it though, she doesn't like the juice (I don't like it either).

This is just a photo of a little hut on a walkway on the beach at the resort.

When the boys decided to return to the ship after their tour, plus a leisurely stroll through town and a few beers at the pub!!!!! We went to the local markets for a look. I got a cute little stuffed elephant made out of leaves, a woven bowl, a woven wall hanging and some teacher presents.

Wondering what the boys were doing??? Below is a photo of what they were doing. We tried to send the big kids along with them but they were too young. They had a great time without them! (who wouldn't?)

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone, Emma is back to preschool tomorrow and very excited to share her travel stories for show and share.

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