Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nearly there

Well today I am happy, I only have 1 day of work left until I am on holidays for 4 weeks! Even better there is no pupil free day for the start of term 4 so I don't have my holiday cut short.

Nathan put on a special play at Joeys tonight for Father's Day. Anthony came along and I am sure he had a fabulous time and was amazed by the talent. The Joeys did well.

Emma had her preschool photos today, she showed me her gorgeous smile that she said she used for the photos. Lets hope they come out OK, I will share when they come.

I also finished all but 1 pencil roll of my Embellish orders from Friday night. That feels really good, I had a lot to make so am glad that I got them all done. I will make the last pencil roll on the weekend ready to deliver the goods on Monday or Tuesday.

Hope everyone has a great Friday, I know that I will.

Strange post tonight, not really any point to it just ramble...sometimes a ramble is good.

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  1. Deb, hope you have a great last day of work!! Have a fabulous holiday if I don't get to catch you before! Have a cocktail or 3 for me!!! Take care. xx


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