Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Garden

I haven't been down to my vege garden and fruit trees for a while so this afternoon I went for a walk down there with Nathan to see how everything is coming along. We have had some creature of some kind in the garden which destroyed some of our plants so I was not hopeful as I walked down but I was pleasantly surprised when I got down there.

These are the peaches starting to grow on our peach tree.

These plums are all over the plum tree.

The mulberry bush is coming along really well with heaps of mulberries on it. Nathan really loves mulberries.

This is a cabbage from the vege garden.

These are some green strawberries, I didn't think we would get strawberries this year, but we may get a few yet.
There were other veges growing well too, the carrots are looking nice and healthy.
Have a great end of the week.

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