Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today was a busy but really good day. We spent the day at Redcliffe participating in Skillorama. This is where scouts provide activities for cubs and joeys to do. We did flying fox, go carts, dragon masks, and the kids actually got to walk around under a Chinese dragon.

We got Nathan a nice wooden woggle for his uniform and Emma one too for when she starts at Joeys next year. They also got a badge for their sleeping bag.

When we got home we came to the eek part, a big long snake on our back patio. I only knew it was there because I heard Billy bark and growl (he never ever growls) at it. I quickly got him in and closed up the house. I think it was a python or carpet snake or something, I am really glad the bird wasn't out. Anyway after securing us and all pets in the house I watched it for ages until it eventually went to the paddock. Hooray, but now I have that horrible, eek feeling like there is going to be a snake wherever I turn. I just hate that feeling. Thank god I am away in a few days, I might forget about it by the time I get back.

I did a couple more jobs today, as well as everything else it seems, I washed all our snorkel gear so it is now clean and ready to go. I also started changing the beds so they are half decent when we get back.

Have a wonderful Father's Day with your Dad, Husband, etc. etc.

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