Sunday, September 6, 2009

Father's Day

Today we went to Dad's for lunch for Father's Day. Thanks Hazel for putting on a nice lunch. While we were there Hazel and I took the kids over the road to the beach for a walk so here are some photos. Emma was feeling like a princess today, so forgive the stupid dress she wore for the occasion!

Emma and Nathan collected shells for a special jar they have going at Dad and Hazels that they are going to fill with shells they find while visiting.
On another note: Am getting very excited about trip now, a bit overwhelmed with all the things I have to do before but that always happens. Today I got some more jobs done which was good, all the beds have complete new bedding, the house is completely cleaned and bathmats etc. all washed. My fridge is completely bare which is good because no food will go bad but bad because we have no food to eat! Tonight is going to involve sewing my last pencil roll for Embellish orders and starting to pack. Tomorrow Ant and I are going up the coast to get a BIG zoom lens for my camera and some lens filters and a new bag to carry it in, a backpack. Hooray, that is very exciting for me!
Have a great Monday everyone! Will check in again before we leave and I hope to blog while we are away... I also hope to use the gym or go running so maybe I am dreaming!

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