Friday, August 21, 2009

She's too funny...

Emma, sitting at the dinner table last night heard someone cough so what did she say? "Robitussin!" of course, just like the ad on TV tells her to!!! She cracks me up that little girl.

Nathan on the other hand not so much at the moment. He seems to have grown an enormous attitude! We'll counting on that disappearing in a hurry I can tell you now.

On the creative front have been really busy. I have made 8 dolly quilt sets for Embellish the last few days. I have also selected a few items to display at C & K this week and have been thinking about how to do it. I think I am going to have a practise run at home first. Have also been punching scalloped paper for prices etc. I have made and copied flyers for the centre and posters to put up.

Still thinking about all the things to go on my holiday preparation list, just haven't written them down yet...might do that tonight...some things so far
  • organise mail to be collected/held by post office
  • organise dog food etc. for Billy and bird food etc. for Polly
  • Nathan needs new swimming shorts
  • Emma needs new slip on shoes
  • purchase new sunscreen, toiletries etc to last us for over 2 weeks

Have many more things to do, should really start writing them down and achieving them.

Oh, you would be proud because I have burned my candle several times this week, however I was reminded why I hate candles when it dripped wax on my good table!!! It smells nice though, that is all that has saved it.

Have a warm, sunny Saturday everyone (in QLD anyway)

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