Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Notes from our house...

Just a few notes today from our house..

  • I have lost my urge right now to take photos, so no photos today
  • Nathan is back to normal after not feeling well last week he has actually developed some cheek!
  • Emma layed in bed all day today watching Dora (hope she is not about to get sick)
  • Both my gorgeous children had haircuts
  • I have my first candle (that I bought myself anyway). It is burning right now in my Oasis Homewares candle holder on my table, it is lavender from Dusk and smells divine. My children keep pulling up a chair to watch it burn, probably because we have never burned candles in our house before...poor deprived children hey?
  • I am busy getting things ready for our next market and our night at C & K. I sewed 4 medical kits today and have dolly quilts, baking sets and mini travel mates on list to do more of.
  • I am now counting down to our holiday, only 3 weeks to go, time to start making lists about what I need to get before then and what to pack...
  • I love lists (just ask Toni!)
  • Oh, and I know now that I have looked at those top two photos of Kobi in my last post that I did a terrible job of editing them, they are way tooooo green and he is green too!

What a weird post tonight

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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