Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Letters & a ramble...

Only a quick post tonight. I thought I would share a couple of letters I made for Nathan and myself. They haven't gone up anywhere yet but I am planning on putting them in our bedrooms, somewhere.

I got the letters in Blossies (they are selling them out for $2) I decorated Nathan's with leftover paper from my page on Billy a little while ago and I bought some yummy new paper for mine. Just a coat of paint on the sides and back and they are done! Letters are so quick and easy to make and they look good when they are finished.

I am almost sorted for our scrap weekend away. I am going to be making 2 more letters (A's for friends children) and doing 3 single layouts. I am getting the paper, ribbon etc all out and ready to go like a little scrap pack.
I am going to do some sewing too but haven't quite decided what. Maybe a pencil roll for Emma (she loves colouring at the moment, in fact it kept her quiet for 1 hour in the department of transport last week) and a couple of Easter bags (from Melissa Goodsell of course). It depends how organised and enthused I am!
See most of you on the weekend girls, keep smiling!

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