Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hello Sunday!

I don't have any photos this post which I know is boring, you will just have to engross yourself in my words!

Nathan played his first round of soccer yesterday, they had a mini carnival at Bribie Island and played 3 games. He is doing really well, he is still a bit scared of kicking the ball I think but he stops it well. It rained on us for the third week in a row, but I am getting used to that.

Toni invited us over for a bbq for my birthday and we had a really lovely time, I had a great time as she had bottles of champagne and sorbet waiting for me! Thankyou Toni for being a wonderful friend and for thinking of me.

Emma had her first friends birthday party today. Domenic from preschool had his 4th birthday. She had a wonderful time, it is nice to see her getting to that social stage in her life.

I am now off to my scrapping studio to make goodie bags for scrap weekend. I really love the idea we had for them this time so I hope everyone else likes them too. I am still undecided what I will make next weekend, I do have paper for a couple of pages and my Fiji mini album is not yet done so maybe that will be it. I also would like to sew some Easter baskets for Nathan's teachers etc. We'll see.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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