Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a week!

I have had an awful week! I have been sooooo busy I can hardly scratch myself! I have had no internet most of the week, no email (and I still have no email) since last Sunday, no telephone for a few days and no car. Why does everything seem to happen all at once?

On Monday I was going to pick up Nathan from school and I crashed my car, due to an arrogant middle aged man doing the wrong thing!!! Legally my fault though which makes it even worse. So I have no car for a few weeks, in fact I actually do have a car to drive, Anthony's wagon. The situation just seems to get better and better!

On a good note, even though I am extremely busy setting everything up in my room I really like my new school. I like the hours as I have more time in the afternoon to get stuff done. Everyone is really friendly so that makes it easier and the kids and parents are nice.

I don't have any photos at the moment, I haven't scrapped or anything to take photos of. Hopefully I will have some next post.

Girls, it was so nice to catch up last night, I never thought I would be able to stay awake till midnight this week. Thanks for the fun!

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