Saturday, January 17, 2009

Menu Plan

I have found over the last couple of months that it really helps me keep the price of my shopping down to write a menu for the fortnight (I shop fortnightly) and only buy the groceries I need for those meals (as well as lunches, snacks etc).

I actually enjoy sitting down, usually with a beer, and going through my cooking magazines deciding what I want to cook in the coming fortnight and I have found that we eat much nicer meals because of it too, no last minute frozen pizzas!

So I thought I would share my menu for the next two weeks. I don't cook these in any particular order just as I feel like them and as time permits:

  • Porcupines and veges
  • Roast Chicken and veges
  • Silverside and veges
  • Steak and salad
  • Zucchini slice and salad
  • Hamburgers
  • Sausages and veges
  • Hot dogs
  • Beef, capsicum and fetta toss (my favourite and in the menu every time)
  • Thai chicken red curry skewers with salad
  • Soy pork with mushrooms and spinach
  • Chicken and mushroom pasta bake
  • Zucchini, mushroom and capsicum pasta
  • Tomato ricotta pasta
  • Butter chicken

I don't know how I ended up with 15 for this fortnight but I never mind having a spare meal up my sleeve.

I also find doing this that I end up not having to buy anything on my way home from work etc. for dinner because I always have what I need . I also really love the fact that I have been saving about $50 a fortnight by planning this way.

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