Saturday, January 24, 2009

Work, Weddings & Overseas Visitors

What a week! It has been a whirlwind. Started work (well setting up my room) on Monday and then Pupil Free Days on Wed, Thur, Fri. Am really happy with my new room, it is very exciting actually having all the mod cons and quite novel at the moment. We have our own office and our own storeroom. We share a kitchen but we have our own 2 flatscreen computers and the smartboard. Toni and I actually get a laptop each too which is really great, it seems that if you work over .4 you get a computer to yourself, so it looks like we have been tricked in the past!!!!

On Tuesday my fabulous cousin Toni Kelly got married up at Lake Weyba Cottages and Anthony and I were lucky enough to be her witnesses. It was an amazing day, the weather was perfect, the food delicious and everything went off perfectly. Kelly looked gorgeous. I made a little Aussie pack up for her and Justin as part of their wedding present, hence the Aussie hat etc.
So that is why I have been so slack with my blog this week. Thankyou Kelly and Justin for a great week, it was fabulous seeing and spending time with you as it always is.
Katrina, I just want to say that my thoughts have been with you all week and still are, stay strong and try to smile sometimes. I am there for anything you ever need.
I am now off to set up my scrapping studio (which doubles as my guest room) so I can get some creative juices flowing for my sparkle page for crop night. Girls don't' forget crop night on the 1st Friday of each month, first one at my house.

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