Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend away

I was lucky to spend a wonderful weekend away with my friends at Esk.  We go there once or twice a year to chill out, scrapbook and these days sew.  We arrived Friday and got right into our project lists... mine for the weekend was

  • sew my picnic blanket together (all recycled and vintage materials with only a couple of new ones thrown in there)
  • sew little coin purses
  • sew about 10 pencil rolls
  • sew 6 boo boo bags
  • make some cards
  • sew Emma and I an Amy Butler Sun Surf Halter Top each
I am really happy to say that I got everything done bar the halter tops...and I taught the others how I make my coin purses and pencil rolls too.  I have photos to share but not today.

We stayed here:

The girls from Twilight Crafts look after us really well. All we do is sit and sew or scrapbook or chat and they deliver our food 3 times a day and then take all the washing up!  That will do me any day.  I would recommend this weekend to anyone.

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