Monday, June 14, 2010

Just in case you are interested...

Thought I would share what we have been up to this last week...  we had a rough start to the week with a few incidences with Nathan at school.  We are working on those...

On Wednesday I went to the Out of the Box festival with Emma and her class. We went in by bus and spent the day doing the free activities.  Emma had a fabulous time and came home with an origami boat and a paper cup octopus.  We spent the day with Lisa and Kyan and Noah and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

On Thursday I headed out early and went into town once again but with my own class this time.  We went by train which was busy and hectic but got there and back in one piece.  We spent some of our day doing free activities and we saw a show where we got to make glass jar dream holders.  It was well worth it.

By that stage I would say I had had enough and was exhausted! 

On Saturday Ant and I dropped the kids off in the good hands of Suey and Hazel and headed into the city for a night out.  We checked into our hotel before heading into Myer for some shopping (very good shopping in the sale!).  Then we went to the Powerhouse for an Italian restaurant dinner (delicious) and a show with Kitty Flanagan (funny).  We had a drink and a bet at the casino before hitting the deck.  Sunday morning we had a nice relaxing breakfast at the Coffee Club before heading to the caravan and camping show.  I have never seen soooo many caravans in my life!!  The one I liked was only $62 000.00

It was a great night away but it was good to see the kids and get home on Sunday (for about 5 minutes anyway before I was wishing I was still in that quiet, peaceful hotel room again). 

Today I headed back to Myer to pick up a few more specials which made me very very happy, especially because they were all for me!!!

Don't think there is anything else, I did go to cook roast for dinner tonight to find that my oven wouldn't get hot, so it looks like that might need fixing.  I ended up cooking my roast in the electric frying pan (my mum used to do it that way all the time) and it was really delicious.  I think I might cook my roast that way all the time, a lot less washing up to do and less electricity! 

Don't know if anything creative will be happening this week... but if it does I will share

Have a great week!  This was really just a big long ramble today wasn't it? 

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  1. Sometimes you need a good ramble, where were the pics of the super caravan?


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