Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby things to

I have a wonderful friend who is pregnant with her first child.  I have been thinking and thinking of little things that I can make for her and send regularly as little surprises, but I am stuck!  They need to be simple for me to create and easy to post.  I have made her a baby wipes pouch to give her this week when I see her but what else could I make?  I don't know the sex of the baby yet so that makes it tricky!  I know there must be 100's of things to make but I can't seem to think of them.

If you have any ideas please post a comment for me, I would love to hear your ideas.


  1. Hi Deb, Lovely idea. How about a small quillow for baby to lie and play on (small and compact for travelling to friends), a small mat for on the go nappy changes (may need to be waterproof!)(it could roll up like your pencil roll) or some of your lovely little homemade animals/teddy bears out of towelling etc (to decorate room. I'm sure your friend would appreciate anything homemade! Tanya

  2. Some over the shoulder chuckies made from terry towelling. Dsiposable nappy holder for in a smaller purse. A bits and bobs highchair bag to put stuff in. Make a mobile of little toys or something and then send a differnet one to attatch each week, the animals or shapes could have a specific meaning, like a charm bracelet. Just a few off the cuff thoughts.


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