Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday at the Beach

Yesterday was Emma's birthday and we decided we would head up the beach for the day. When we woke up the sky was black and rainy but we thought we would take a chance and go anyway. It rained all the way there and as we started on the beach.

When we stopped and unpacked though the rain stopped and we ended up having a really great day. It was overcast and came over dark a few times but the rain stayed away and it was a bit cooler without the sun out.

The kids had the best time, catching yabbies and prawns.

This is a picture of our camp for the day.

Then the boys and kids went fishing. Nathan just loves fishing at the moment. I stood taking photos for a while and as soon as I walked away with the camera he caught a fish!

It was Emma's first time fishing so she needed a bit of help from Anthony. She lost interest after a while when she didn't catch any fish.

All in all we had a very enjoyable day and I think Emma had a great birthday.

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