Monday, August 31, 2009


Today was busy...

We started by taking the car to Kippa Ring for a service. While that was going on Emma and I walked over to the shops for a few hours. We got some things we needed...Emma got a new little broom and dustpan. The broom is perfect size for her. I got new stickers for work which we desperately need and a few things for holidays. Thought I would get Nathan a maths book for the plane etc. this time instead of colouring in because he loves maths so much.... I was right he loves it in fact he has done about 1/4 of the book already! He wants to finish it before holidays so he can go up to the next level book when we actually go. That boy is maths crazy!!!

I also went to the chemist on our way home today to pick up essentials for our trip like: sea sick tablets, diarrhea tablets, panadol etc. All just in case. Also treated myself to a new bottle of Yresse which is my absolute favourite perfume. Oh it smelled so nice when I got to spray it when I got home.

This afternoon I painted frames for butterfly picture orders, made chocolate chip cookies and put my HUGE pile of washing away.

A very successful day. I really love days when you feel like you have achieved something.

Off to sew some Embellish orders now for C & K. Have a terrific Tuesday!

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