Saturday, May 4, 2013

Emma Loves to Dance...

Emma loves to dance, she really does.  When we go shopping (or anywhere really), Emma doesn't walk around the shops she tap dances.  You know that saying 'dance like no one is watching' that pretty much sums Emma up.  At night we sit down to relax before bed and watch t.v while Emma dances around the room behind us, usually doing her jazz routine. You wouldn't believe but very often on Tuesday when I pick her up from school to actually go dancing she will say 'I don't want to go to dancing' yet I am sure if we went home that is what she would spend her afternoon doing!

Anyway, last weekend Nathan stayed with my sister and Emma and I packed up the car with her new flash dancing bag and headed off to Wynnum for her very first competition.  She performed in 3 dances - all team efforts and all jazz.  I know I am biased but I have to say she danced her butt off and did an awesome job.  She also looked gorgeous.  I had to share some of our photos with you.

She is a cat in this costume.

This one is Broadway Baby.

And this one she is a farm girl, for Old MacDonald's Farm.

The team got a highly commended for their Broadway Baby dance which was a real achievement, they were up against a lot of very big dancing schools.  Here she is with her ribbon.

You can see by these photos that Emma hates posing LOL!  I always find she is in most of my photos because she is the one willing to pose for me!  


  1. How photogenic is that girl?! Well done Emma - it makes me wish I had a a daughter. Pxx

    1. I am lucky to have one of each sex, I get to do a bit of everything, dancing is so girly with all the costumes and make up etc and then there's soccer and scouts...


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