Friday, October 26, 2012

Operation Christmas Child...

Every year at Christmas we make sure that we spend a little of our time and money for charity.  For the past 3 years we have filled boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We always fill one box for a girl of Emma's age (7) and one for a boy of Nathan's age (10).

You can see my post about previous years here.

So, to pack a box you need to be able to fit all you gifts into a shoe box and you need to buy things to fit into several categories.  I always try to put in a mix of hand made and store bought gifts.

So here are this years boxes (broken down into categories)

First of all - something to wear.  For the girl we put in a t shirt which we bought in Big W, a pair of gloves that we picked up on the clearance rack for 50c and a fabric head band that I made.

And the boy got a Big W t shirt.  We couldn't find anything else that was inexpensive and would fit into the shoe box for the boy.

Something to love.  I always make something for this category, this year a bunny and a sausage dog (I know, I know the dog is way too skinny!).

Something for school.  Both kids got a notebook, coloured pens and a pencil case with coloured pencils inside.

Something to play with.  For the girl we put together a skipping rope, high bounce balls and balloons.

And for the boy a kaleidoscope, marbles, high bounce balls and balloons.

Something special.  Both kids got some mini stickers and a coin purse for keeping treasures in and in the organza bag for the little girl we have some beaded jewellery and badges.

Something for personal hygiene.  Both kids got a water bottle, toothbrush, soap and expanding face washer.

I was really happy with our finished boxes this year and how much we managed to fit into that little shoe box.  I do find that each year we get better at picking the gifts and packing them.


I would highly recommend doing this gift of giving at Christmas.  I love how the boxes go to our neighbouring countries to kids who really appreciate them. 

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