Sunday, October 7, 2012

Enjoying our break...

Term 3 at school this year was long and tiring for me and the kids.  We all really needed a break from everything routine and we have thoroughly enjoyed our two week holiday and feel rested again ready for the busiest term of all - term 4.

In the first week of holidays we saw the movie Hotel Transylvania which the kids really liked.

We also had a day at Movie World (just me and the kids) which was busy busy and tiring.

And we had a trip up to Bribie beach in the wagon for an afternoon of swimming and relaxing and of course some silly sand play.

In the second week we saw another movie which was really good - Diary of a Wimpy Kid (they never fail).

We did some camping shopping getting ready for our caravan to arrive and we had a really nice day at Movie World again with the Searle's.  We also had a morning picnic with friends which is always a favourite thing to do.

Now we are spending our last day of holidays getting ready for school tomorrow and watching the racing cars, a nice relaxing way to end a slow paced couple of weeks.

And, I finally sewed some stuff on the holidays too...I really loved sewing again after my little break from it and have ideas running through my head now of what to make next.

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