Saturday, August 18, 2012

Around here...

Around here at the moment we are looking forward to spring which is just around the corner as September creep closer and closer.  The sun has been shining beautifully lately and it has been nice to walk around our house etc and make plans for what we want to do in the gardens once spring comes around.

There are exciting things happening down amongst the fruit trees and the vege garden is ready to plant our summer crop. The plants are growing like crazy after 6 months of so much rain and now gorgeous sunshine.

The bananas are starting to grow.

And we have plums and peaches coming on.

And the mulberry tree is absolutely covered in young mulberries.

While I was out among the fruit trees I took some photos just around our place too.  

 The dam is full and the paddock is full of grass.

The sky is the most beautiful blue colour today

And I thought I would slip this photo in too, wherever I am Billy is always by my side at home so I get shots of him a lot.  I took this one though because he is getting a haircut on Monday so I thought I would do a before shot and then I'll share his after shot.  

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