Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's 2012

I am not a romantic person at all, so Valentine's Day comes and goes around me without much fuss and I am cool with that.  BUT, I do love to spoil the kiddies and they love it when they find a nice surprise on their beds after school so I usually give them a Valentine's treat.  I never spend much money and always include something hand made.  So this year this was it.

A chenille bear I made from here. A chocolate rose each from Aldi, and an origami heart with a message inside and a $1 scratchie.  I spent $2.50 on each child and then used my home supplies for sewing.  A really affordable present for anyone.

And of course once the presents were found after school and the chocolates were eaten I had some things created for me too.  From Nathan a paper rose, which I was pretty happy he made by recycling the rose stem that I gave him and an origami heart.

And then Emma made me this origami boat with lots of messages all over it and a paper rose on the back.

Cute stuff.  Oh and that cute love owl picture at the top is actually my February picture from my calendar Toni made me for Christmas.  

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