Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It has been so long since I blogged, I look at my blog every day and have been busting to share stuff but I haven't had my camera and I hate blogging without pics, so the break has been longer than usual.

Anyway, for todays post I still haven't used my camera but I have it in my hot little hands just waiting...I have been using my phone though, taking my photo everyday for my project 365.  I have to say that some days a lot happens that I would love to document and picking just one picture to represent that day is a bit of a mission.

So here's what's been going on:

I'm starting to think that a black cat crossed my path at the start of this year.  So many things have gone wrong, broken etc etc that I fell exhausted and drained.

After myself not being well and then Billy the dog not being well it was Nathan's turn.  He was very sick for a whole week, the poor little boy is now so so skinny but is feeling better.  Turns out he had salmonella, I think from swimming in our dam.

Other dramas have happened too.  They are small individually but overwhelming when you put them all together. I know there are people who have troubles so much bigger than mine so I try really hard to keep that in mind but sometimes it is hard to have perspective.

Here are some of my recent photos from project 365.  I take them all using instagram using a particular filter.

The book I am reading right now and loving.  This is going to be the last paper book I read for a while as I am going to move onto reading my ipad.

My blog

Back to normal routine of late has been great.  I love my routine and my personal training sessions are part of it.

My birds

The much loved sewing machine

A change from blonde to brown

A gorgeous full moon outside the other night.  I can't get instagram to zoom, if you can let me know how!

I had a fabulous catch up with my friends the other night, good food, great company, it was lots of fun.

And Monday 13th February was my wonderful mum's birthday, she would have been 66.  She is so dearly missed. What else can you say about someone so significant in your life who is gone?  We bought this candle at Notre Dame in Paris on our last trip specifically to light when it is Mum's or my Aunty Ann's birthday etc.

We also exchanged some small gifts in this house for Valentine's Day yesterday (me and the kids that is).  I'll be back to share those later today.

Have a great Wednesday!

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