Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Little Trip...New Years Eve 2011

We spent a few days during our road trip with my wonderful friend, Tracey.  We have been friends since we were 4 and I feel blessed that we are still so close.  Our families get together as often as we can living so far away from each other and we always have a good time together. 

So we spent the day of New Years Eve at the races.  It was family day so the kids had a ball and we chatted, had a few drinks and a few bets.

After the races we quickly changed clothes (in the parking lot which would have been funny to any bystander) and headed to see a soccer game.  This was Nathan's first live soccer game so he was wrapped and although we are Brisbane Roar supporters Nathan wore a Mariners shirt to the game to fit in a bit (they really don't like Roar supporters down at Mariners).

After the game we walked to the waterfront and watched the family fireworks before heading home for our pj's and cups of tea to see in the new year.  It was a huge day and lots of fun.

P.S. Remember my last holiday disaster with my camera breaking on me?  Well yes that very nearly happened again! Thank goodness it lasted the trip, but on this day (above) it played up again with the same problem.  So, as soon as I am well enough my camera is going back to the camera shop for visit #3.  

Have a great Sunday!

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