Sunday, December 18, 2011

Going Crackers!

One of our advent activities every year is to make our own Christmas crackers.  I have actually been making my own crackers/bon bons for years.  The commercial ones are just full of rubbish no one wants and this seems to be the best solution for our family.  

So to make it easy and inexpensive I bought this pack from Spotlight for $3.

The instructions are on the back although they are very self explanatory.

 I do have to say that I made these with Emma (7) this year and she did have some trouble getting the cardboard inserted into the slit that is cut so little ones do need some help.

The reason we make our own crackers is to make them worthwhile, we don't want any little plastic toys or miniature sized playing cards.  When you do it this way you can put in whatever your family would like.  We always put $1 scratchies in ours.  This way we all have some fun scratching away and seeing if anyone is a big winner.  

I forgot to say that these kits come with hats and jokes already prepared so everyone still gets to wear the silly hat at lunch/dinner and share the joke with the rest of the family/guests.

This year each cracker has inside it; a scratchie, joke and hat (in other years I have put a balloon and chocolate in but decided we didn't need them this year). And this is what the finished product looks like.

I did add some extra red and green curling ribbon to each end of the crackers for something more.  They look really good.  Easy to make, affordable and one of a kind!  All up 6 crackers cost $9.

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