Friday, August 12, 2011

Disneyland Paris...

We had such an awesome time in Disneyland Paris.  Disneyland is so family friendly you just can't beat it for a theme park. There are only a couple of rides that won't accommodate us all so that suits us well and means no one is left out.  First some photos of Disneyland entrance.  Gorgeous.  We spent 2 days in Disneyland so you will probably notice a change of clothes in there somewhere.  Our first day was really hot and lovely and our second day was cool and not so sunny.

Once we got into Disneyland we headed straight up Main Street, towards the castle and into Fantasy Land.  These photos are of us on the tea cups, one of my favourite rides. I love all the lanterns that hang from the cover.

Another favourite ride - It's a Small World.  Who wouldn't love this ride?  

These are a couple of the countries from inside.  I totally missed the Australia one (I blame my slow camera!).

We had a meet and greet with Donald Duck and the kids got his autograph.  I love Donald Duck he is so cute!

And of course you can't go to Disneyland without pictures in front of the pink castle!

Isn't Emma gorgeous in those Minnie ears?  Love them.

Another favourite ride was these cars.  You get to drive the cars around the course.  They can't go anywhere they are on a track but we had good fun going around, racing each other on the different tracks.

I was very happy when I snapped this photo of the castle, it is impossible to get a shot without people because there are people everywhere and I don't know how I managed it but I am very happy that I did.
We ended up with a lot of photos of the castle, it is such a main part of Disneyland you just can't help but take photos of it.

This is the Haunted Mansion (that movie with Eddie Murphy in it).  We went in here a couple of times it is pretty good, the kids would argue over who got to sit with me because Anthony would drive them crazy telling them how scared he was (being sarcastic of course).

 Just some cuteness.

Another shot of the castle (on our 2nd day there, see the difference in the sky?)

My compact camera has a function for self portraits.  I use it all the time I love the photos we get from it.  Here is Ant and I using it.  We used it heaps so you will probably see a lot of these!

We watched the parade. We had an awesome spot right in the front row.  It was really good.  My photos are not so good though, using my slow compact camera was not ideal and I really missed my DSLR when it came to moments like this.  

When Mary Poppins came around the floats stopped and they got children up from the crowd to join in and dance etc.  Nathan got picked, he was reluctant but he got in and played an instrument.  That was a really good part of the parade.

On the Saturday night we stayed until dark.  The park is so pretty all lit up.  We were intending on watching the fireworks but we were so tired from being at the park since 9am that we decided to just head home instead... I got this photo as we left.

Disneyland was a highlight of our trip, especially for the kids.  I am really glad we took them back there.

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