Friday, June 24, 2011

We're Off

So, we have one sleep to go until we head to our first stop of our wonderful adventure....Singapore (for 1 night only to start).  Then the next day onto London. 

The cases are packed, the hand luggage is ready, the house is clean, the pets are delivered to their own holiday destinations and we are ready to go.

I feel really great heading off on holidays this time, with Tammy's help from Fitness for her (find her on Facebook) I have lost the extra kilos I wanted to lose before travelling and I feel trim and terrific.  Now I have room for those amazing chocolate croissants and crepes in France! Thanks heaps Tammy you have helped me so much.  

The kids are really excited and I am excited for them.  They are going to see and do so many amazing things while away.  I think they are at such a great age to travel and soak up everything around them.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone, I know that we will!

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