Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Busy Christmas...

I have finally come down from my little Christmas cloud where everything is busy and merry and you can eat and drink as you please.  We've had visits from friends and family over the last week or so and we have done some visiting too.  We've had a great time.

I decided this Christmas that I was not going to take photos, I was just going to live the moment and enjoy it.  I did take a couple but they are not great because I didn't charge my big camera and I am really bad at taking photos on my little one.  So here are the few I have:

Nathan, being Nathan with his hat on upside down!

We had lots of Lego action happening at our house and we still do.  The kids just love Lego.  Emma got a great stable with horses etc and Nathan got a truck to add to his collection.  He got a Harry Potter Lego game which he and Anthony had a great time playing today.

And I was a very happy camper when I got this sweet owl as a pressie.  Toni also made me a gorgeous owl calendar and I was spoilt with some Pandora charms and perfume.

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