Wednesday, October 13, 2010


First, a finished project.  My letter B.  I bought it in June last year and finally had the itch to get it off the floor in my studio and actually finish it.  So here it is.  I am still waiting for my DH to hang it up for could sit in this spot for a while, but at least it is finally done!

And my front entrance to my house currently houses these.  Two frames that I bought at op shops.  I plan to paint them up, distress them and then add fabric to the centres...we'll see how far I get.  I seem to have painted 100 thousand layers of paint already! (OK, well maybe not that many).

And while I was getting things finished that have been lying around for ages I thought I should paint my tree that I bought in January and has sat there since.  It has only had 1 coat of paint but is on its way to being complete...Yeah!

And another finished project.  A savings tin for my next holiday destination.  I am madly trying to save all my pennies for this trip.  It's going to be a big one and I am super excited already!!!

So while I have not blogged a lot last week, I have been quite busy getting some projects done.  I spent today making some more product for my market this Sunday.  AND, I have a new project started, something for Emma for her birthday that I will share when I am done.  A blog inspired project...I get such great ideas from blogs!

Oh, and just a note.  How fabulous was it today when we saw the miners in Chile being brought to the surface?  Just fantastic! I am so glad it was my day off work and I got to watch it live.

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