Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So much fun!

This tour was our last in Fiji, just the day before we left and it was so cool!  We had a great time.  We actually weren't going to do this tour and changed our mind last minute.  I am so glad we did, we would do it again happily...

We travelled up the Sigatoka River on this jet boat.  We love the jet boat and have been on it a few times before but this trip...the boat travels so fast and at some patches in the river the water is only 5cm deep!  As well as dodging big tree stumps in the way, people doing their washing and their animals, a few people were swimming and hence were nearly run over!

Then we got off and walked up this road to the village we were going to be see lots of people walking with their horses...that is many people's transportation in Fiji.

This is a view of the village.  They have electricity lines but no electricity.  They told us it is coming...a tourist who had been on our tour previously donated the money to bring the lines up to their village.

This is the community hall where we all gathered for a village made Fijian lunch

 We sat on mats like this.  Emma decided she didn't want to sit with us so she sat over the other side of the hall.

At the end of lunch we were all given these leis and we had our face brushed with baby powder.

And then we were pulled up and we danced, 3 times!  And I did not escape one of them!  At one time I was dancing around trying to take photos of the kids as I went,  and as you can see by their lack of presence, they didn't turn out! BUT, they were gorgeous to watch dancing with all the cute little Islander children.

After dancing, we said goodbye and walked back to the jet boat for the trip home.  Nathan got to drive some of the way!  Crazy, I know!!

What a fabulous day...very memorable.

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  1. OMG ! They got you up to dance, they must have been good!!


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