Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday and sewing

We've had such a nice day so far today.  Emma and I have spent the afternoon in the sewing room, me sewing something special and Emma scrapbooking (Emma style) and both of us watching Mamma Mia!  I love that movie and singing along as we go but nothing is cuter than watching Emma scrapbook at the end of the table, wiggling her bottom as she sings along to the music.  Adorable!!

I have made a few things these last few days.  We all went to see Eclipse on Friday night for Kristie's birthday.  It was a damn good movie, would watch it again and again happily.  Anyway I made this for Kristie for her present.

A buttercup bag and a little zipper purse to match.

I have been on a bit of a finishing off roll at the moment so when I realised I still had something from last years scrapbook show to make I got onto it and finally made it. 

And I have started sewing my knitted blanket together AND I finished my book, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (another twilight book).  I am feeling happier not having so much unfinished stuff around.

I am now off to pick some fresh rhubarb from my garden and make a rhubarb, pear and raspberry crumble.  I've never made it before so we'll see how it goes, I've been searching for a while for a recipe to use the rhubarb in my garden.

Happy Sunday!

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