Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our last two days of holidays have been quite ones at home due to the weather being rainy so on Tuesday we ventured to the movie shop for cheap Tuesday deals and then watched movies in the afternoon.  I got Sherlock Holmes and I really liked it (it was a bit scary in some bits).  The kids got a variety... Yesterday we were set for a visit to the park but we ended up hanging about the house.  I did manage to get some stuff done though, I did my report cards so that was a load off and I managed to make a few little pouches with a tutorial from Hungry Hippie.  They are so cute!

Thanks Natalie for the great tutorial, these are going to make good little presents with something sweet inside.  I also manage to get this little surprise wrapped and sent.

I wonder who it got posted to?  And I took Toni's advice (as I always do) and went to Spotlight and got myself one of these.

Because I can't seem to cut in a straight line I think it could be a valuable asset to me.

Today is another grey day so we are off to the movies.  Marmaduke is the kids pick.  I am also hoping to get a couple of special presents sewn today for a couple of birthdays...

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  1. Supercute pouches! Wow! Missed seeing you yesterday but looking forward to Eclipse tomorrow night!! Loving reading your blog this hols!!!


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