Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I was reading on Melissa Goodsell's blog yesterday about a site you can join called Postcrossing.  It is a site where you join up and you are given an address somewhere in the world to send a postcard to, then when that person gets it they log the tracking number into the site and then your address is given to someone else and they send you a postcard.  This constantly continues with you sending and receiving postcards from all corners of the world. Nathan was very excited about the whole concept so we joined the site and today after school we stopped at Wamuran post office and bought 4 postcards to start out postcard exchange journey.  Our first postcard is being posted to Germany, won't it be exciting when we start to get postcards in return?  I wonder where they will come from? 

I'll share when we get some...


  1. Hmm...will be checking that one out!! :))

  2. Looking forward to the camp-out Mrs Barro. Love from Jordyn.


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