Monday, April 12, 2010


My fabulous friend, Toni bought me a book for my birthday that I have wanted for months and months.  I absolutely love it!  This is it:

I have looked through it and I decided that my first project would be some flanelette pyjama pants for me and the kids.  So today we stopped into Spotlight and got some gorgeous fabric (well Nathan's is camo and I don't think it is so gorgeous but he is happy).

Apparently they are pyjama pants for everyone so we'll see how I go, we know my track record with making clothes is not great (although I have had a little bit of success).  And then if I can make them my next project in the book I think will be this for me:

It actually looks better in the book, these photos from the net are terrible. 

We'll see how I go... will keep you posted.  There are so many gorgeous things to make in this book I can't really decide what to do and when. 

I also got a wonderful book that I also love from Kristie for my birthday, The Pillow Book.  Some really nice things to make, I am working up the courage to make some because I am really not sure if I am clever enough for those yet. 

Thanks so much Toni and Kristie, my books are loved!


  1. Enjoy honey, don't forget to share with your friends, but no patterns for things that would be disgusting to wash ( you know)!

  2. My pleasure! I hope it is a valueable addition to your growing collection! Hope your first week back is going smoothly!!!


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