Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 Down, 1 to go (for now anyway)

I have started my projects from my book and I am sooo happy to say that I have finished Nathan's and Emma's pyjama pants and they worked out really well.  They are both very happy children!  I have no photos yet.  I went to make mine this afternoon and when I put the pattern on the material I am about 20cm (if that) short so I will have to wait until I visit Spotlight to grab more fabric.  That is not bad considering I bought 1 metre of fabric for each of us the kids took exactly a metre and I need about 120cm.  That is quite a bit less than the book tells you you need.  Anyway a very successful venture so far and well loved and the best bit is they take about 1 hour to make!  Seriously cool!  I am happy to share my pattern.

I also sewed a dolly quilt set for a custom order I had, so the sewing machine has had a good workout the last couple of days.  My bag is still waiting, I wasn't happy with the lining fabric but I now have new stuff which will be so much better so I will get onto that. 

I also have a plan to stock up on my Margaret's Child products while on leave so I am going to try to get around to sewing up a stack of penicl rolls etc.  I have a new design coming for my business cards etc as my first was really just to get me going, this new one I really love!  So keep posted and when they arrive I'll share.

Enough rambling for today (it was a ramble today wasn't it?).  Be back soon...

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