Friday, April 2, 2010

Tea Party Fun

Last night I had some of my favourite friends over for an evening tea party to celebrate my birthday.  The theme was everything pink so all the table settings etc were pink of course.

We had a fabulous night with great food, drink and good company.  We drank Pink Champagne with sorbet, we ate raspberry coconut cupcakes topped with Raphael chocolates, vanilla cupcakes, passionfruit melitng moments and rocky road biscuites as well as cheeses, nuts, quiches and gourmet sausage rolls   YUM!

We sat up until 2am just chatting, catching up and having a great time together.  Thanks girls for coming along, let's do it again soon!

Some photos of the girls

Have a great Easter weekend everyone.


  1. A fantastic night Deb! Thanks for having me! Everything was perfect!

  2. Thanks again for the wonderful night Deb, you sure know how to host the girls!!!
    See you soon

  3. Deb,

    What a great night, thanks for inviting the photos and I'm even happy with the one of Annette and myself. Could you email that to me to get it printed. Thanks again and Happy Birthday!!!


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