Saturday, February 27, 2010


I know I have not blogged for a little while, the start of the school year is always so busy.  This week I went to work and everyone was so tired!  I think teachers work their bums off for the first 6 weeks of school organising routines and resourcing and then it all catches up with us and we die in the bum.  It always happens half way through term one, I can see it happening at work and I think very soon everyone will be counting down to that break at Easter.  Hence why I have not blogged this last week, I have been busy with work and tired and just not feeling like blogging.

But I am back now,  these last two weeks I did go a little bit crazy and bought some chenille.  I am very happy with my purchases and I have already started some creating.  Here is my stash.

2 of them I got on Ebay and the other piece is just a 1.5m cut of fabric from Etsy.

I made a toy for my Toy Society drop (link on sidebar) out of the yellow (which I bought to make chickens for Easter out of).  I made Molly Chicken and baby chicken (from Melissa Goodsell's blog).

I am still working out where I am going to do my Toy Society drop, I want my toy to be found by someone who will love her.  I am also thinking that maybe Molly Chicken is too big, so I may end up making something smaller, I'm undecided right now.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll be back sooner this time!

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