Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Lovely Birds

Today an awful thing happened.  It was a really windy day, I put the birds outside in their cage.  The wind must of caught their cage and it fell over onto the grass, tipping all the insides of it up and leaving the doors where you put the food and water wide open.  By the time I got there Polly (our blue bird had already gone).   I thought she could be under the tipped tray and I didn't realise the doors were open, as I lifted the cage up Tweety flew out the door (our white bird).  I can't tell you the awful feeling it leaves when your bird escapes and flies away, what can you do?   At least if it is a dog etc you can go and look for it but with birds there is just no chance of ever getting them back (or of them surviving in the wild)

Needless to say there were many tears in our house today.  You don't realise how attached you get to your pets until something happens.  (Kristie, I am so sorry about Tweety)

Be safe little birds.


  1. oh Deb, so sorry. Leave the cage open so they can get home.

  2. No worries lovely. So sorry, not sure if I am going to tell the kids. Maybe later on. I agree with Toni, leave the cage open, you never know.:)


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