Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hooray, I think I've worked it out!

Well, I love reading Mellissa Goodsell's blog and I am always inspired by her projects.  So when I saw that she is having a washcloth knit along I was eager to have a go, I went to spotlight to find the kind of wool I need and started with a simple pattern that I found on the net.  Well, I had so much trouble working out how to knit one, purl one that I ended up with about 60 stitches instead of 37!  I did that about 3 times then I decided to have a look at you tube.  I worked out what I was doing wrong and I went and had another go.  I think now I am actually doing it right.  It is very exciting, although it may look all wrong when the project is finished.  I am thinking this little project may be my first little bit of niceness!

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