Sunday, January 24, 2010

What the? Debbie was at the dump???

Yes, you see I found out that at the dump they have a shop to buy stuff and we really need a couch/chair something for this little room (formerly our offic) that we have made into reading corner.  So ooff I went today (with Anthony and kids) to look at this place.  Quite surprisingly, it was not too bad and I picked up a nice armchair for $10.  So I brought it home and gave it a once over and it looks really great. (don't mind the cushions missing, they are on the line drying after a heavy duty hot wash).  I got 6 old books for book corner too for a whole $1.  I was very proud of myself for venturing to this new place, dumps/second hand shops etc etc. are just not my thing!

Here are the photos of my diary that I promised as well as my new pencil rolls (made out of placemats) and my pile of boo boo bags ready to be filled for market this weekend.   I used some of my Sweet Vintage doilies to decorate my diary.

This is Matthew the whale, Little's friend, waiting to be sewn together.


  1. Your couch is a really sweet bargain!! I also love your diary cover, I'm thinking how to decorate mine at the moment and that seems to be a good way to go.... Enjoy your day in your classroom tomorrow!!

  2. See, always on some sort of adventure! Showing your bravery to step outside your comfort zone. Well done, Debbie!

  3. Well done, I am slowly rubbing off on you! Nothing like a good second hand bargain.

  4. I love the fabric on your diary, very stylish!! Oh, by the way i bought a sewing maching- will need lessons!!!!!!!!


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