Saturday, January 23, 2010

A productive day...

Today was productive... I feel like I have gotten a lot done.  Love days like that.  So here is what I did (no photos right now, maybe tomorrow)

  • I made myself a fabric cover for my diary which now looks gorgeous
  • I made 5 Boo Boo bags ready for market next week ( I had sold out before Christmas). Those that don't sell at market will go on
  • I pinned some new style pencil rolls to sew (made out of a placemat)
  • I then went shopping to get a few groceries and some notebooks to cover this week ready for market and some stuff for school (small things like rubber bands etc.)
  • I baked chocolate chip muffins (from Melissa Goodsell's blog)
  • I made vanilla slice
  • and now I am cooking dinner (salmon and veges with hollandaise sauce, yum!)
Not a bad list of achievements for a day.

I hope you had a good day too, I will share my diary photos and my yummy vanilla slice recipe tomorrow (thanks to Tracey for my recipe!)

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