Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Still catching up...

I have promised so many things on my blog and not posted them so I am catching up. 

We are back from our trip to the fracture clinic, with green cast and crutches for 4 weeks.  I was really glad they put a plaster on Nathan's leg, I was worried about it not healing properly and him going back to school and it getting badly broken.  Anyhow, it is all fixed now and this is what he looks like (does anyone else think he looks a bit too happy for a boy with a broken leg?).  He is such a tough little man, he amazes me sometimes.

On another note, I said I would share Little who I knitted while camping.  He is so cute, I have knitted his friend the whate too but I just need to sew him together, that might wait a couple of weeks now that work is back on.

I also said I would share the goodies I got at the Eumundi Markets on Saturday so here they are.

A wooden tree that I am going to paint (maybe cover one side with paper) and have somewhere to look gorgeous and...

This gorgeous owl picture to hang somewhere in my house.  Love it, Love it, Love it.  In fact I was very happy with both my purchases.  I also got some yummy curry paste which we had tonight for the first time...it was good.

I am pretty sure I have posted everything that I promised now and I am back up to date.  My sewing room is calling me...school stuff to sew for start of the year.

Have a fabulous day tomorrow


  1. Oh Nathan, I really like the plaster. Where abouts on the leg is the break??? Take care Nathan and remember to follow the doctors instructions if you want it to heal well. Enjoy your first day back, Deb!

  2. Oh poor Nate, although if he is anything like Jack crutches only speed them up!!!!! On another note I have been scrapbooking these last few days- 7 layouts down a few to go then am up to date and ready for 2010!!!!


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