Monday, January 25, 2010

She's getting too big!

Today, as I walked away from my classroom, knowing that the next time I am there so will be the children, it really dawned on me that it is only 2 sleeps until my baby girl becomes a school girl.  I feel much sadder about this fact now than I did when Nathan went to school because when he went to school I was looking forward to having some time with Emma which I had never had (without Nathan there).  I really love spending time with Emma, she is always interesting to be around and I will miss our days off together.  Our family is growing too old too fast!


  1. Your right,Deb! They do grow up to fast. I have spent some quality time with my darling Cherree over the holidays. She is all grown up now and where did those years go. She is second year at uni and talking about marriage and babies. Before long (at least two years) I'm sure I'll be a Grandma. Treasure the times you have together! Happy Australia Day!

  2. I also agree, grade 1 and grade 4!! Caitlyn will be a senior!! She's so excited to go back and so is Abbie. I guess we just have to watch them grow (albeit fast!) and enjoy the ride...I look forward to your photos!


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