Saturday, December 19, 2009

Feeling a bit like Christmas...

Today Emma and I were home alone, so after a sleep in after a late night (Emma, not me!) we plodded around the house for a while waiting for our groceries to arrive (I am right onto Woolies online now, I would be happy not to go grocery shopping again). Anyway we thought it was the perfect chance to start on our Christmas baking.

So, today we made macadamia brittle, rocky road and creamy caramel (thanks to the recipe on Melissa Goodsell's blog). While we cooked and waited for things to cool we listened to the Christmas CD that was playing and we danced around the kitchen and just generally had a good time.

Love days like this...will share photos later, I haven't uploaded them yet.

Still haven't fixed my December Daily up, but when I do I will share.

Have a great Saturday, what's left of it it.

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