Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent calendar update

We have been following our calendar for 2 weeks now. I am quite proud of myself for sticking to it and not sneaking to the calendar and replacing activities with a chocolate instead. The kids have enjoyed the things we have done so far. Here's the list from the last week:

  • 9th - Make candy cane reindeer and go to Emma's graduation ceremony at pre school
  • 10th - Open a parcel with a new book - 1001 things to look and find at Christmas - (a very big hit this book, every night the kids read it and find all the goodies)
  • 11th - Scouts Christmas break up - carols by the campfire
  • 12th - Open a parcel with the new Harry Potter movie and some popcorn to watch and eat together
  • 13th - Chocolates
  • 14th - Trip away to Paradise Resort
  • 15th - Chocolates
  • 16th - Read a book "It's December in Australia"by John Williamson
  • 17th - Make the Christmas crackers at Toni's and have a swim too

Below are some photos of the reindeer the kids painted and put together and our gorgeous little candy cane reindeer. Nathan is busting to eat one but I just can't bring myself to let him destroy them just yet!

Today I got some last minute things done, I bought my last couple of gifts, bought a new tablecloth and some table decorations for Chrissy lunch. Also got some cool, metallic red plates!

Our last market tomorrow night before Christmas so come along and see us at Petrie.

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