Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Help Please

I need some help please. We have decided that we will get a big family present for Christmas this year (shhhh, its a wii). So that means that I don't want to buy the kids much for their stockings but I do need some things to make them smile on Christmas day. I have thought of a few ideas (dvd, books, school bag, pens/pencils) but I am really stuck. I would love to hear some ideas for inexpensive but worthwhile stocking fillers please. I am shopping next Wednesday and I have no list!!!! (I really can't do it without a list!).

And to share a couple of photos...tonight my two thought they would pretend to be Santa in the bath with their snow white hair and beards. How cute!

I have edited some retreat photos so tomorrow, as long as I have time (Thursdays are super busy in this house), I will post them.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Hi Deb, here a few of my stocking filler ideas: card games ie uno, yo-yos, frisbee, tennis balls,lollies/chocolates, little lego sets,caps, togs, beach toys,board games,glo sticks, sock & undies. I also put in a few trendy stationery supplies that eliminate some of the book list items-this year it is smiggles! Sometimes the boys get some craft/hobby kit that is good for the"i'm bored days".
    I hope some of these ideas helped
    Love Suzy

  2. I always try to find a couple of Mr Men/Little Miss books (they are small and have a Christmas story each year), matchbox cars are great, ditto for the mini lego sets and Smiggle stuff that Suzy mentioned, Xmas lollipops (you can find some low-sugar jelly ones around), mini stamp sets with ink, hi-bounce balls, plastic farm/zoo animals, small items from the 'Australian Geographic' shop (like magnets, magnifying glass, slinky etc), stickers sets (in the kids' interest area), perhaps a 'decorate your own' Xmas ornament? I also add a few coins - chocolate and real - for the mouth and the money box!
    Hope that helps!



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