Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Suva (Fiji)

We docked in Suva on our next day in port. We didn't really know what to expect so we booked a day tour up a river and and to a village.

We travelled up the river in these boats. It was so beautiful, we had high rock faces and hills either side of us and we saw heaps of gorgeous waterfalls. It was very picturesque, however I couldn't have my camera out because it was also very wet. We had some adventure on the way as well, we tackled some rapids which was a bit scary, especially when the boat's motor is going at full speed but the boat is actually not going anywhere!

Our first stop was another waterfall, gorgeous. This one was a bit better equipped for tourists with a concrete walkway and plenty of places to put your stuff so you could swim.

This is Toni on her way to the waterfall.

Nathan swimming in the rock pools.

Me at the rock pools (not swimming, it was too cold for me!)

This is Nathan with our tour guide.

On our way back from the waterfall there was a section that had a platform where you could jump into the water (it was very high up). Caitlyn was the first to jump but when it came to Nathan he was frightened but really wanted to do it, so good old Toni got up there and jumped with him. Can you see them in the top of the picture? Caitlyn jumped a few times and Nathan really wanted to jump again so Geoff jumped with him the second time.

On our way back down the river in our little canoe-ish boat, we stopped at a village. At the village we had a Kava ceremony to welcome us and a packed lunch before the locals sang and danced for us. They invited us to get up and dance, of course I did not, but Toni did, she had a fabulous time.

Lastly, on our way out of the village I stopped to see the village kindergarten. It was tiny. They rely on donations from tourists for their resources.

This was definitely one of my highlight days during our holiday, would recommend it to anyone.
You may wonder why I have not blogged for a few days, well our caravan arrived here on Sunday so I have been busy cleaning it, making new curtains, cleaning some more, ordering new stuff for it and shopping for some caravan essentials. It's a great little caravan, it makes me laugh that it is almost as old as me, a 1977 Chesney! I'll share more about that another time.
I hope all the QLD teachers are having a good first week back for term 4. I'm back at work tomorrow so it may be a quiet end of the week.
*if there are letters missing on this post, I can spell but my keyboard is playing up.

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