Saturday, October 3, 2009

Savusavu (Fiji)

Our first stop of the Fiji Islands was here, Savusavu. A really gorgeous little island. This is a picture of the port where the tender dropped us off. We didn't have any tours organised for this island, we thought we would do our own thing.

We started by walking to the hot pools. This is where the locals go to cook food etc. They are just in town, in like a small park, and they are just little pools of boiling water. You can see that there are new ones popping up as you walk around and they really go to this small area of grass and cook food.

We booked a tour through a lady at the port. It was a 4WD ride to a village and then a walk to a waterfall and a beach. This is what we travelled in. I can tell you it was a CRAZY trip to the village, I think we nearly died several times (and I am not joking!!!). Thank god, we did finally get there.

And when we did get there we had a very slippery walk to this gorgeous waterfall. The kids swam but I couldn't take photos because there was no dry spot.

During our walk we had to go barefoot because it was just thick mud. By the time we got back to the village our gorgeous feet looked like this... (in fact this was quite clean, they got a lot worse and our legs were covered too)

After the waterfall we walked in the other direction to the beach. The kids all got a terrific ride bareback on a horse along the beach while we sat back and watched. The village people here were amazing. One lady actually carried Emma, on her shoulders, all the way up to the waterfall and back. I struggled not to fall over just with my camera bag!

AND, we got back to the boat safely too. Oh my goodness, driving in countries like Fiji is crazy!
We ended up having a great day with lots to talk about afterwards.
Only 3 stops left! Have a wonderful Sunday

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  1. she really isn't joking about that drive, scary!

    this was a fantastic day


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